The many uses for "business cards"

The many uses for "business cards"

Business cards are the most effective and an inexpensive way to hand out your contact information to a prospective customer. Business cards, however, can serve other purposes, too. Any professional or company can use them to promote awareness of their brand, to spread the word about current promotions or to invite customers to interact with the company on social media to mention a few.

Take a look at the examples below and see if there is an idea you can implement to grow your business.

Appointment cards

Appointment cards are perfect for dental clinics and busy hair salons and spa centers alike. They can be used by any business that requires scheduling an appointment in advance.



Loyalty and Referral cards

Promote and reward loyalty by getting some loyalty cards printed. They will encourage your customers to keep coming back. They are perfect for hair salons, coffee and sandwich shops, etc. Referral cards are perfect for just about any business that provides a service. The best marketing they say is word of mouth. Have your customers do the bragging on your behalf. They are great for hair and nail professionals, spa centers, etc.


 Thank you cards

Tell your customers how much you appreciate their business. Never underestimate the power of a simple "thank you". Enclose a "thank you" card with their purchase. Make sure the cards are branded with your logo, contact information and it is always a great idea to add some hashtags and social media links. Having your social media links will encourage customers to "brag" about their purchase to their friends.


Social media cards (or as we call them "bragging" cards)

There is nothing wrong with being a little bold and directly asking your customers to "brag" about their purchase to their friends. You are proud of your product or service, so why be shy about it, right?



Discount or coupon cards

Customer retention is important, so enclose a card with a coupon code for future orders. It makes customers more likely to come back and buy something when they may not have otherwise. Plus let's face it, we all love getting a great deal!


Lunch notes

Yes, lunch notes! It is a lovely way to put a smile on a loved one. Add it to your children's lunch boxes, so they know you think of them. Leave it in your spouse's bag or wallet. It will definitely make them smile in the middle of a tense day at work. Let them know you appreciate what they do!


"Business cards" can also be turned into lifesaving allergy cards. Other ideas would be to print inspiration quotes to help lift someone's spirit when they need it most. 

We hope you find the ideas helpful. Let us know how we can help!